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Nela . Cornelia Hein

Hi, this is me!

I was born in Germany. Nela has been my nickname since I was little and means “God’s light” in an old German dialect, what I found out just a couple of years ago.

Since I was little I wrote stories and novels and drawed their characters. After two near death experiences at the age of 8 or 9 as a consequence of a trauma  I was kinda lost between heaven and earth. I became sick for a long time and almost overslept my teenage years. At the age of 18 I finally decided to wake up and fulfill my life creating a way to become healthy again through visualizing it. This moment I will never forget because it marked a new chapter of my life. The ultimate power of creation I recognized inside myself influences my work and actions till today.

I became an Art Director and Illustrator for international brands like Glamour Magazine, Nokia, BMW, Sony and many more and started studying Art Therapy to learn and understand better how pictures and designs influence and heal one’s soul. But I wasn’t satisfied by the idea of becoming a therapist who should make someone else whole again. I wanted to show how everyone can use their own power to do it. So I started to create the concept of Metagraphie what means in simple words writing and drawing the meta-level on a paper or visualize it in front of the inner eye and rewrite it afterwards.
In 2015 I founded cre8th as a social business what designs and produces only in Europe using eco-friendly materials like recycled papers, organic cotton, graspaper and sustainable practices. We also design products, websites, CIs, fabrics and stationery for other brands and people who are living the same dream of creatively loving, caring, and being.
I also started the KINDAmag, a magazine for kids, only designed by kids under 12 years of age what empowers the little artists on so many levels and shall inspire them to follow their dreams, speak out loud and share their feelings and ideas with the world.

I try to combine modern aspects, native patterns, bright colors, floral abstractions and whimsical drawings, always inspired by different cultures and epochs. With influences from Modern and Pop Art, Manga, Indian and Celtic signs, and creative typography I want to remind what matters since the beginning and forever: Love and creation.

I like kids, dogs and chickens, I like to kiss an to cuddle as often as possible, working in my flowery vegetable garden.
I love to have kids paintings on the walls, butterflies in my stomach, and colorful ideas on my mind.

dreams on her mind.